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There are many ministers that have gotten out of the ministry in the past 5-10 years. The numbers are staggering. Could some of these ministers get into politics and start fighting for the cause of God?

Have you ever heard of the ‘Founders Bible’? This Bible is loaded with articles about our country’s history. I was reading today about some of America’s true experts on the law. Did you know that they were Preachers?

I’ve never been a political person. I’ve felt that my connection to God and sharing what I know about him and Salvation was more important than anything. I believed that was what I was supposed to do. Evangelize, sing about Him, tell my experiences. And point others to Him.

The statistics of churches closing and ministers getting out of the ministry is both staggering and frightening. Could God have a purpose even in something like this?

I don’t know a lot of history. I wish I did. But I am a quick learner and I have learned that the Patriotic Clergy of the Revolution were the Statesmen of the time.

Early American ministers not only expounded the laws but also were often regular participants in making them. For example, the reverand Joseph Montgomery, Hugh Williamson, James Manning, John zebley, John Witherspoon, in many others were members of the continental Congress. In fact doctor Witherspoon not only signed the Declaration of Independence but he also served on over a 100 congressional Committees.

At the state level, the Reverand Jacob Green of New Jersey helped set aside the British government in his state & was made chairman of the committee that drafted the states original constitution in 1776.

Anyone who has studied history even slightly, knows that the phrase separation of church and state does not mean that Christians should not get involved in politics.

In fact all the more. If we don’t, we know who will. We know who is. We know that’s why our school text books have been changed to liberal hogwash, and why the Lord is not welcome in our schools.

It’s my fault. It’s your fault. We allowed this . Separation of church and state was intended to protect the free exercise of religious expression in public. Public schools. Public places. Street corners! And I might add, that was when our nation was a Christian nation.

Have you been listening? Listening to the whisper of God to turn off that ungodly TV? To do more?

Have you responded?
Perhaps some reading this have left the ministry. You are suffering and although you still follow Christ, you are feeling lost and confused or displaced.

Maybe All you have been through has led you to this time in this place, to a new type of movement to save our country. Have you prayed about being involved and influencing your political invironment? What is there that you could get involved with? Schools? City council? Something for sure needs doing in your community that you could Be an influence for righteousness. It’s a new way of thinking. Beginning to mingle among people who are not exactly like you are. To become friends with people who maybe don’t even attended church. To mingle in new environments. Could God be calling you to do something like this?

Let me be crystal clear on this period I know what it is to be derailed in ministry. When I had my car accident and I died and then came back and spent years recovering, my heart was broken. In many ways it always will be. But that did not mean that I should stop advocating for the Lord or stop using my gifts. I am not advocating that a minister who is in the ministry and preaching at his church ought to leave and do something else. Not unless God clearly shows him to do it. What I am saying here, is those of you that are a minister who is left the ministry maybe hurting deeply. And yet you want to serve the Lord. Have you thought of taking your Christian values to government in some way shape or form. I believe there is going to be a huge revival in the church.
I believe there are going to be ministers repenting in churches and their congregations are going to follow. Not because they did it- but because a wave of the Holy Spirit moving through the churches and across the land is going to be immense. I believe there is going to be and End-time harvest of souls, meaning what has been referred to as the “Great Awakening”.

There is no doubt in my mind-
God loves us and he is not going to let the world end without one last magnificant effort to reach every lost soul who might be looking for Him.
So I’m not saying here that anyone should leave their ministerial calling. I’m saying that those that have left for whatever reason, might consider a second career or ‘calling’ in politics where they can do some immense good.

Pray. Seek. Listen. You will find.
Its not over till He says its over.
If you can do it. If you are healthy enough. Then you are probably supposed to begin again. Begin a New Normal, full of Joy making a difference. Someone somewhere is going to benifit. God will be pleased.

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For Pastors who are NOT AFRAID
Ecclesiastes 3:1,8

There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven… a time for war and a time for Peace.

Rev. John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg
1778 he pastored 2 churches in Woodstock, VA. He was a member of the Virginia legislature. In January 1776, he was attending the legislative session in Williamsburg, and war with Great Britain was looming on the horizon. Boston had been blockaded by the British navy. Charleston burned. Lexington and Concord attacked. Public stores of gunpowder seized in Virginia and the battle of Bunker Hill fought. He returned home from the state capital to his churches, and on January 21st, 1776, stood in his pulpit and delivered what was to become his farewell sermon. He recounted the crisis then facing America, reminding them how America had been founded and pursuit of religious and civil liberties and that they were now in danger of losing those liberties. He concluded with these words.

In the language of the Holy Writ, there was a time for all things eclesiasticas 3:1- 8
A time to preach and a time to pray, but those times have passed away.
Then in a loud voice he pointed to verse 8 declaring “There is a time to fight and that time has now come”.

Then he bowed his head and offered a dismissal prayer, but instead of following his usual custom of going off to the vestri Room after his sermon, he began to disrobe in front of the congregation. When he finally shed his clerical robes, he stood before them in the full uniform of a military officer. He descended the pulpit, weapons in hand, and marched to the back of the church, reminding his parishioners that if they did not get involved and protect their liberties, they would have no liberties left to protect. Outside the church, pastor Mullenberg ordered drummers to beat for recruits. Some 300 men from his 2 congregations joined him that day, becoming the 8th Virginia regiment.

This Is from the founders Bible.
This man was a clergyman who rode beside George Washington for the purpose of the cause he got involved in politics.
His brother put him down who was also a minister and a clergyman. He told him he would have been better to have kept out of that business.
However he replied “I am a clergyman it is true, but I am a member of society as well as the poorest layman in my liberty is as dear to me as any man. Shall I then sit still?
Heaven forbid it!
I am called by my country in its defense. The cause is just and noble. And so far I am from thinking that I act wrong, I am convinced it is my duty so to do and duty I owe to God in my country.”

Revelations 21:7-8
He who overcomes will inherit these things, and I will be his God and he will be my son.

But for the cowardly in unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their part will be in the Lake that Burns with fire-and-brimstone which is the 2nd death.

Today’s society is a refining fire for pastors. Pastors must be courageous and willing to back with their lives, the words from God’s Word, that they have preached to their congregations for so many years.

You have a cloud of witnesses from heaven cheering you on to do what is right. Do not allow this culture to change what you preach and believe in. Stand firm!

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The signs are all around us. Jesus basically said people would not prepare. They would be doing life as usual. They would not heed his warnings. It will be suddenly, least expected. And many will be doing church as usual, thinking that makes them safe But he said It would be few, and on that day, they will say Lord, Lord…haven’t we done many wonderful miracles in your name? There is no formula to get to heaven. It is only through a relationship with Jesus, through believing, trusting in,and truly repenting and being sorry for your own sins. You cannot manipulate GOD. Each of us must check our own hearts. God says “Love One Another’. “Keep yourselves in the Love of God”. A relationship goes two ways. The question Is not, “How are you with God”. But,”How is God with You?” His Love is unconditional… yes. But how is the relationship flowing lately from him. Jesus warned over and over… not to be presumptuous.

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Don’t Be Bitter

You know what one of the devil’s tactics is? He will use hurtful and evil people to harm good people who can not stop them. With the hope that he can cause great bitterness in the hearts of the ones who were good, so that they will never turn to God or trust Him.

I was a young child, with similar experiences to Joyce Meyer. She was molested by her father. I was molested by my older brother. He is dead now. And I was able to forgive him and lead him to Christ before he died. But when I was little I would ask God to help me. But the trauma continued and it was violent and horrible. I did a great job of covering it up. Shame is a great motivator. But I’m here to tell you that the real evidence that the devil did not win, is because I am in love with my God.
What happens often in a situation like this, where there is terrible trauma and grave disappointment at a young age, is that child will turn way from God their whole life and blame Him.

They will be so devastated and the devil will convince them God doesn’t love them. I heard Joyce Meyer say something today that made a lot of sense. She said, “Would it have been better for God to deliver her from the hands of her pedophile father? Or would it have been better for God to turned her into a deliverer?”
I often felt that God was saying to me when I prayed as an adult in great emotional pain, “I’m trusting you with this”. He did not want me to remain bitter. I was very bitter for a long time. And I have spent a great deal of my life angry at certain people. Many people.

It takes a long time to allow God to go that deep and heal you. But I am here to tell you that every year it gets better. And no matter what you may have been through, God can heal you too.

I have beloved family members who have had terrible devastation at a young age. And they struggle. I don’t think they believe God loves them. They haven’t learned yet that He gave everyone in this world a free-will. And that everyone in this world has an expiration date.
Sometimes people die young because they have abused themselves with drugs and alcohol. And their bodies just couldn’t take it. Sometimes we just don’t understand why God takes people when we need them so much. Satan wants them to self-destruct by bad choices. God want to restire, heal, and give them true Joy.

It helps me to think about the future. ETERNITY WITH GOD

I can talk about this because in 2008 after a car accident I died in Knoxville trauma care unit. And I know life does not end here. Because I went across and experienced some amazing things.
Things I am finally ready to write about.

When you leave here, you are going somewhere. Now God has prepared a place for those who love him. But loving God is no easy matter. It requires trust. It requires that we do not get our way a lot of times. It requires loving truth. And eventually it requires allowing him to show us the truth. Also we can’t forget that he sent his son Jesus to die for our sins so that we can come boldly before the throne of grace. We don’t have to come with shame. Because when we decide to put our trust in Christ and turn our hearts and our lives to God, we have been made clean and whole in an instant just as if we had never sinned.

This is amazing grace! And we have heaven to look forward to. “This is what the devil does not want us to think about because his future is darkness.”
The devil does not hate you just to hate you. If you go back to the beginning of The Bible, he hates God because God cast him out of heaven. He cast him out of heaven because satan was a rebel and full of pride. He wanted to replace God. So now satan hates you, and tries to turn you against God, so he can take you with him and so you will never spend eternity in the presence of God’s Love and Light. Satan knows he breaks the heart of God every time he decieves one of us into turning away from God and His Amazing unconditional perfect love. He hates God, so he hurts us to get at God.
Think Future!
I believe we get to explore all of creation in the universe. We will have new bodies. It’s not going to be boring. The word ecstasy comes to mind. And I’m not talking about some stupid drug people take. I’m talking about being in the presence of the Divine, with no tears or sorrow forever. A joy unspeakable The Bible says and full of glory.

The love God has for you, is the love that will fill that void inside of you. Love that will make you feel whole and complete that you have longed for your entire life!

You need to get past whatever has made you stuck, or bitter, or heartbroken daring to believe that God loves you in spite of your circumstances. And come toward him, and He will meet you! He is a good and loving Father who never fails.
Remember that your life is going to be the sum total of your choices with your free-will. You are sailing your own ship toward or away from God. And I can tell you as one who has crossed over, you will wish you had come toward him! There are no words for how amazing our creator is or how much He loves each one of us or how many miracles He can do when we trust Him and just surrender our lives regardless of your circumstances. I pray this will encourage you to consider laying down your will, to ask for help from God to live the rest of your life with Him.

By the way, I wrote a book for healing which is up on Amazon, it is called “Feathers, He Restoreth my Soul”. And I have some of my music up there, A CD called “Shine Your Faith”.
I didn’t write this to advertise. But it occurred to me that these things are evidence of my overcoming circumstances that could have destroyed me. They are ‘evidence’ to tell you I speak the truth.
And that I want you to connect to the one who loves you the most! You have been created by an Extraordinary Divine Heavenly Father! He will not force you to love Him. He waits for you with Love like you have never known!

He showed up for me By giving me music that was a great healer to my soul, and later making a way for me to record it. He also helped me to write my 1st book which was a great Catharsis and which I now hope will help others.
He will also help you. He will do it differently than he did with me because your gifts are different from mine. But let me tell you- you have a great future if you turn to him and trust him. You don’t have to spend the rest of your life angry or bitter. He will show you how to lay all that down and have a happy life.
My book is a story (Allegory) all about a bird who is injired by her evil brother Judas and about a loving God who pusues her with His Love & about a journey in the Holy Winds. Only she can’t get up in the Holy Winds because she’s got all the baggage from the past that has weighted her down- came down through the generations from her family. I hope you will check it out especially if you have been suffering like I did.
I wrote the book for people who never have had anybody to come along and help them. Most of my life there was no one to help me. I was suffering and felt alone. I was 20 yrs younger than my oldest sibling. 15 yrs younger than my brother who harmed me. I had these older brothers and sister but they were very clever at holding the family secret close and following the “No Talk Rule”. There were lots of dark secrets in our family. None of us got help or healing as a family.
My healing came because of my relationship with God and the healing music and writings He gave me. He is Faithful!. God pursues us with His Amazing Love and help all our lives!

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New Song: SMALL TOWN TONIGHT by Cindy Tilkens Jennings

Are you Lonesome in a small town tonight?Are you wishing things would turn out all right? Are you hoping for a sweet Guiding Light? Are you lonely in a small town tonight?Verse 1America is changing now. There’s hope across this land. Our president has kept his word, a true American. He’s giving back the people, a loud resounding voice. Our dignity, our destiny, depends upon this choice.Chorus 2:If you’re Lonesome in a small town tonight. Get involved so you can stand up and fight. For our sovereignty, Our God given rights. Join the movement in your small town tonight.Verse 2The Donald Shook Up Washington, a warrior businessman. With every ounce of heart and strength, he kept right to his plan! The evil opposition does whatever they can do. But Donald keeps on fighting cuz his promises are true.Chorus 3:You’re the movement in your small town tonight. Join your president and keep up the fight. There’s a victory if we do what is right. Make a difference in your small town tonight.Final Chorus:
Move to action in your small town tonight. Don’t let anyone destroy Sovereign rights. It’s your country if you’ll stand up and fight. Come together in a small town tonight.TagJoin your president to help win this fight! Don’t be lonely in a small town tonight!

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Have you heard this yet? “SOLID GROUND” by yours truly 🙌 –

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Have you heard this yet? “LET IT SHINE” by yours truly 🙌 –

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